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Chun Li & Cammy

Manufacturer: Yamato Toys
Type: Trading figure
Out now

600 yen per randomly packed box
6 regular colours + 6 repaint colours
10 boxes per case

Ahhh, it's been a long time since I did a Capcom related review. We've been seeing a downpour of gashapon sets lately, and I felt that the pictures online were pretty self explanatory. Either you liked them or you didn't.

With this new series, something in me felt compelled to write about it, so here goes.

Capcom Figure Collection is a brand new set of 6 figures, released in conjunction with Street Fighter's 15th Anniversary in 2003. It's done in the currently popular "trading figure" kind of style. That means that the figures are randomly packed in unmarked boxes, and you'll have to try your luck to get what you want. Thankfully, a large number of dealers around the world have taken to selling these in sets, so one can avoid taking chances if you're willing to get them all in one fell swoop.

Like most trading figure series, this also features repaints. Usually, you'll have to tolerate the insipid decision to give you things like transparent or pewter-coloured versions. The catch is, you get a piece of rubbish, and to get the ones you really want (ie, regularly coloured ones), you'll need to plunk down more cash to buy another randomly boxed figure.

Thankfully, Yamato and Capcom have decided against that retarded option; instead, what we have here are repaint versions. In one set, you get your vanilla flavoured Chun Lis in Blue, and Cammys in Green. The variants feature the same figures in different coloured outfits. It's not that far a stretch, since the Street Fighter games are loaded with recolours anyway.

This is going to be a review of the repaint set. I've got so many blue Chun Li and green Cammy figures from my years of collecting Capcom that I decided to get the irregular versions this time, to add some variety to my collection.


Let's talk about what makes this new Trading set so special. We've had our share of these 2 ladies before. The main attraction is that you're essentially getting 3 pairs of figures, and each pair is sculpted by a well known Garage Kit artist from Japan.

Here's what the blurb on the back of the box says, according to my rusty Japanese:

Capcom Figure Collection is a new series spawned from the collaborative efforts of Capcom and Yamato. This inaugural series showcases the 2 popular ladies CHUN LI and CAMMY from the Street Fighter series. brought to life in new, original sculpts by 3 of the hottest contemporary garage kit sculptors. We hope you appreciate them well.

This marks the beginning of a new series that will feature a line-up of Capcom characters. Please look forward to more!

What this means is that if you're sick of the multiple Chun Lis and Cammys you already have from buying all the Yujin and Bandai gashapon lines lately then this one probably feels redundant. But this series is a great thing if you've always wanted to own a Chun Li or Cammy garage kit, but either couldn't afford the prices (Japanese retail for a kit can be as high as US$70-100+), or don't have the skills to put one together.

Whatever the case, 600 yen or thereabouts is an excellent price to pay for these. The quality of the product is nothing short of outstanding. First off, these are large figures, not your run-of-the-mill puny gashapon 2-3"ers. You pay nearly the same for the Story Image series and they look like they came out of a capsule! A full standing CFC figure is approximately 5" / 12.5cm high. These are truly worthy of boxed status; if you have seen or own the Yujin Darkstalkers vol.3 series you probably have a good idea of the scale that I'm talking about here.

If not, here's a pic:

The production quality of each piece also puts most other trading figures to shame. Each piece is perfectly cast with barely-there seams, and gorgeous Garage kit standard airbrush effects. Eyes are all painted in detail, with very little to no splotching or squint effects. You can see how good the paint applications are by looking at any Chun Li in the series. As any Capcom fan will know, her outfit is adorned with curved lines. Each line is painted PERFECTLY with zero fuzziness or crookedness on all 3 of my figures. Everything is crisp and very sharp.

Cammy has boot pins that are individually painted. Even the bases, which have a brick motif, has no runs or smears. Everything down to the level of the stands is unbelievably decorated. Every groove between each brick is filled with black paint, and not a drop of it touches the red brick faces. On All 6 Bases!

Each piece also attaches to the others like a charm. Unlike your normal Gashapon joint, which resembles one cylindrical dowel peg and a complementary hole, these girls have what I like to call a tetris joint. The joints are shaped a little like a tetris block; a irregular geometric polygon, often L-shaped in this case. Every joint has a different shape and size, so even the most brainless should have no problems fitting everything where it should go. There isn't any ambiguity here about whether a foot should face this way or that.


And the fit is tight. I didn't have any problems with loose parts falling off with a little jiggling on the larger components, which is something I tend to encounter with some lines. There are however, a few pieces that will fall out due to their small size, such as Cammy's hair. A bit of superglue will take care of the problem easily. There is no need to worry about any glue seeping out either; most pieces fit together so well it's almost like magically seeing the seam melt away.

As I said before, each set consists of a different artist's take on the 2 girls. As such, each interpretation features slightly different details and likenesses. There is a variety of different boot designs, oriental lining and so on, so it's hard to say anything about the accuracy of the sculpt. I'll just review them by how well they "work".

Set by Set review:

Set A

This set was sculpted by Hisanori Satou, from the GK production house of Daikokuya Koubou. The house is probably best known for its overboobed G-Taste figures. According to a Japanese sculptor database, Hisanori works more on anime and game characters, and kaijyuu monsters.

Here's a gallery from the Daikokuya homepage.
You're sure to find his CHUN LI familiar if you've been browsing eBay or Hobby Link Japan.

Chun Li is gorgeous. It's got a very balanced sculpt, with a pose that exudes both power and sex appeal. I've always had an inclination to the Daikokuya Chun Li figure (link above), so this is a little way for me to go towards owning one. Cheap.

Cammy, on the other hand, isn't on my list of favourites. It's your fairly standard look-at-my-boobs-and-butt kind of pose. I like sex appeal when it's not blatant, and I'm not a fan of G-Taste. I don't think the blatancy works with the character. It helps that this coloured variant has funky silver hair, which makes it a little more interesting for me. It's a well done sculpt, but it's boring and generic.


Set B
Set B was sculpted by Shiragami Takayuki, or Yukishiro for short, who has done extensive anime-based work, such as Epoch's Love Hina resin kits. He's no stranger to trading figures either; He recently also worked on the Kenshin Story Image figures, and is also the sculptor behind the soon to be released SNK PVC figures.
Yukishiro has some great looking figures here! They're both very dynamic, with a strong sense of being in mid motion.

In this case, I'd say Cammy turned out to be the more balanced sculpt. The pose strikes out in all directions, but there is a strong sense of thrust in the direction of her kick. She's got the prettiest face sculpt of all 6, IMO.

Chun Li, on the other hand, seems a little lost. It's got a nice forward movement, but I'm...not quite sure what she's doing. When attached to her base, she looks like she's leaning heavily to her left. It's securely balanced, but it looks off centre.


Set C
Set C was sculpted by Hagiwara Masashi. I have no idea who he is. He shares a name with a VIP in Japan which makes it hard to look for info. In fact, all my searches that turned up related him mainly to this series. I do know he worked on the above mentioned Kenshin figures with Shiragami. There is a person of the same name from Oyaji Tengoku who seems to have worked on some Mecha toys before. I'm not sure if it's the same guy. Any info appreciated. :-p
This pair is my least favourite of all 3. The sculpting is pretty bland, as are the poses chosen. There's nothing really special about the likenesses of the faces either.

Again, I feel Cammy fairs a little better in this round. While it's a simple pose, there is a good amount of sexiness to it, especially her butt. It's more focused on being streamlined than it is on anatomy, so she's got the "smoothest" sculpt of all 3 Cammys.

Chun Li gets my vote as the worst of all 6, and it's quite possibly very bad when compared to other Chun Li figures in the land of gashapon too. Have you ever encountered a figure that looks good only from 1 angle? This is something like that. She's decent if viewed from the back, but from any other direction she . looks . stupid. It looks awkward and interrupted from most all directions. And it's overweight on one axis. It doesn't fall over due to the design of the base, but it looks like it's about to fall. Her almond shaped head is also poorly done, capturing an unflattering attempt at Chun Li that isn't very aesthetically pleasing. We've seen better from the capsule side, folks.

There is some additional display value. While the bases don't connect, you can select certain combinations of the two to make it look like they're squaring off for a fight. I don't know if it's coincidence that there's a pink subset and a black subset...

More pictures of everything in the gallery here. <- click! it goes to a Yahoo Photos page. Hey, I gotta work with what's free.

In a nutshell:
No crappy transparent or pewter varients=GOOD
Production Quality=Excellent
Sculpts=So-so to Excellent.
With the mix of styles I guess it really boils down to individual tastes.

I'm pretty happy to have this set for what I paid for it. With the huge selection of new Capcom related merchandise scheduled it's a joy and a pain to have to fork out more and more money for stuff like this. This looks to be a strong first set that scores very high on quality, and despite a few less than satisfactory sculpts, still impresses. I am definitely looking forward to the series continuing with more Capcom girls (I bet we'll have to sit through some more *sigh* Morrigans before long, though). The artist's impression take on the series is also interesting, but one has to wonder if they'll use the same 3 sculptors for every series or will they look to expand their talent pool? Why do I ask? Because I'd kill for a Bome sculpted Sakura.

You should be able to find these at most stores that carry Japanese Trading figures. If you're in the USA, Diamond (Previews) will be importing them, so you should be able to order them at your comic shop.

Click here to go to Diamond's page for more info.