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Kim Possible 
action bendy doll thing!

Type: retail action bendy figure doll thing
By: Equity-Marketing Inc

Out Now.

I love Kim Possible.

When I first starting watching it, it didn't seem that fantastic. After all, Disney's last few animated shows haven't been terribly brilliant. Kim's new art style intrigued me. On first watch it seemed a little oddball, but kinda girly actiony Mary Kate and Ashley in Actiony. At first. 

Then I saw another episode, and another, and I completely fell in love with the show. It's offbeat, high-adrenaline, teeny and yet, there's a lot of stuff that clicks with the more mature viewer. And I don't mean it's full of sex, either. (For those whose ears perked up at the mention of sex, it's a joke. No sex in this show! None! It's that great.)

I was pretty surprised when the Equity toys arrived. I knew they did Scooby Doo stuff, so i was kinda expecting the standard plastic action figure stuff, plus a few girly dollie things for the um...girls.

The stuff they put out was really odd. Beanies = OK, but strange immobile talking figures and giant naked mole rats started to fill shelves. What really caught my eye was the action doll thing they called a MISSION READY POSEABLE. It looked like a huge bendy. HUGE. With a GORGEOUS head sculpt.

So I got one.

So it's a bendy kinda action figure hybrid thing. The body and head are doll-like, but the upper arms and the legs are all bendy. Like wire-in-a-tube bendy. No sculpting whatsoever. 

Thankfully she's got a nice set of clothes, so things look pretty natural with some adjustments.

The big gimmick is that Kim has magnetic hands and feet. Well, sucker-covered hands, anyway. The kind you'd use to scale walls. 

These work in tandem with the base, also magnetic, to allow her to be bent this way and that for "extreme poses!" (according to the card). The play pattern revolves around using the base as  support and then bending Kim into all kinds of crazy whup-your-bad-guy-ass positions.

And it works relatively well. The magnets are pretty strong, and Kim attaches easily to it or any of her other limbs. This also means you SHOULD NOT display it anywhere near your computer, monitor or any other electronic equipment!!

On both legs she stands up perfectly fine. One legged/handed poses are trickey, but with some balance adjustments she'll hold herself up fine.

Something to note about the base: It's not very heavy, so don't expect it to support too much of Kim's weight. It can't compensate for an off-balance Kim.

She'll also stick to any metal surface, which includes window grills, fridges, and lockers. So there's a great carry-around-ness, plus she'll make great home decor.

For me, the biggest draw of the figure has got to be the head sculpt. It's PERFECT (and i don't say that very often). Kim is drawn in a style that isn't easy to capture in 2D, but Equity has done it. Twice, in fact. The beanie sports a great sculpt too, but this version's a bit more kickbutt. It's got a great expression: firm, cheeky and intimidating all rolled in one. VERY Kim!

Her clothes, for those interested, are all sewn, although the details on her pants are printed. They fit perfectly, and are removable, with velcro fasteners down the back. I don't think you'll want to take them off anyway. There aren't any interchangeable outfits for Kimmy at this point of time, nor do i think will there ever be. Why? Well, remember what I said about the bendy wire things?

Yeah, I think that picture just about sums it up.

Kimmy gets an A+ from me. Looks great, and it's a fun toy. Some accessories may really add to the figure, and maybe something to make the hands a bit more functional, but as is it's pretty darn good. I don't have any complaints.

It's great to see this figure flying off the shelves here. I've seen girls AND boys pick Kim to bring home, which is rare for any toy line. There's a Ron Stoppable in this series as well, but he seems to have been left behind at the stores in droves. I think I'd prefer to get the regular Ron as a beanie too, than the secret agent version in this series.

I'd like to see more from equity, but this kind of figure doesn't really lend itself well to more. Villians may be fun, but the only actiony ones that come to mind are Monkey Fist and Shego. Shego would probably need new legs. Then they could do a Cheerleader Kim in this series as well., there really isn't that much variety for Kim's outfits on the show.


31 Aug 2003